Social Outreach

Our social outreach programmes are mainly focused on Health, Education and Women Empowerment. We have however touched upon our three commitment areas outlined in our mission and vision. Sustainability for farmers, a sustainable planet and pure food that sustains good living and well-being. We do all of these with various touch points. Our unique Freedom from Pesticide programme that was launched in 2012 was a courageous call to India to change the way they bought food. The message was simple : every day we eat food loaded with pesticides, on the eve of the freedom that our country (India) got, let us resolve to eat pure food. Gain freedom from pesticides.Year after year, we have been going back to India around the month of August to remind food lovers that the joy of food is in purity and honesty. When food is made the way our forefathers grew it, then it becomes a way of living and well being.

Our farmers grow more than just our organic crop. They grow our dreams and when they are healthy so will our crops be. As a continuing programme of providing healthcare, our mobile and need-based health care units ensure that farmers who are part of the Sresta family get regular checkups. Medical health camps and general health awareness programmes go hand in hand with our various sustainability programmes for not just the bread winner but the whole family.

Another social outreach initiative is the Sresta Vidya Ayojan. The education initiative is to ensure that children go to school and stay on in there. Here our enabling is in the space of providing the books and other facilities that help the farmer get access to education without worrying about the expenditure on books and other education activities. The programme was begun in 2013 and is fast gaining pace in many districts of India.

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